I devised the initial architecture, aims, structure and functionality for the current Democratic Alliance website. It was built by the marketing magicians at World Wide Creative and the new site resulted in an 800% traffic increase – more here >>

The development included creating a detailed architecture for both the front and back ends of the website. The front end was geared toward interactivity, incorporating multimedia and social media elements. The back end (content management system) was aimed to make the site highly customisable by the end user (cutting down on ongoing and future development expenses). Niki has extensive experience in conceptualising web projects and overseeing them from the initial planning stages to the release of the final product.

Democratic Alliance website

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This is one of many websites for which I have designed the architecture and specifications (both front end and content management), based on the needs of the clients and the scope of the developers. I have acted as liaison between the two in all cases, and have been responsible for training the clients on website maintenance and use of the CMS (content management system). I have also assisted in monitoring of site traffic, analysing the related statistics and strategising based on the trends. I provide support in designing additional graphic material for the sites where required.