Some brilliant pre-World Cup marketing…

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Strolling through Rondebosch the other day, I did a serious double-take, checked my pockets for evidence of psychedelic materials, and finding none, went for a closer peek at the lawn I had just seen driving down the road.

Seems that with the FIFA World Cup drawing ever nearer, everyone is getting into the spirit…a spirit which will undoubtedly blossom into full-blown soccer fever in the near future.

If this eye-catching mobile lawn created by AGA (Artificial Grass Africa) is anything to go by, I can’t wait to see what else our local marketing wizards have up their sleeves for 2010!

I must confess at this point that I’m a total n00b where soccer is concerned, and i fail to understand the murderous rage it incites in rival fans, especially in Cape Town, where most of the fans seem to support teams that aren’t actually in South Africa. In addition to this, the teams supported, such as Man United and Liverpool are seldom made up of people who actually come from Manchester or Liverpool (etc) – I wonder what percentage of premier league teams are composed of geographically correct individuals?

I do admit to a twinge of the soccer madness over the last world cup where we elected to do a random pool at work to draw teams. I ended up with Italy and Uruguay, and bemoaned the fact that I had two teams that didn’t stand a chance in hell. As the cup progressed I watched with growing fascination as Italy began to beat the odds. By the final match I felt a distinct urge to bite the ears off any nearby Frenchmen (not in a good way either) and almost wet myself watching the penalty shootout.

The madness soon passed and I returned to watching rugby, which is raaight, lekka and as it should be, but come 2010, who knows? Perhaps I should stock up on nobbly boots and a silly scarf in the mean time in case the madness strikes again.

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