Service #win: Mailfire goes above and beyond

Posted by on Mar 5, 2009 in geek stuff, marketing, web design | 2 Comments

This is a post that is way overdue, and to those about whom it is written, I apologise for my tardiness. It is another work-related post, but allow me to allay your fears, dear readers, that this trend toward the serious is not permanent and all manner of frippery, tomfoolery and lollygagging will soon return […]

CS4 unleashed…10 WOWs from a fab launch

It’s been a restful yet exciting couple of days in Cape Town, having squeezed in the last couple of days of annual leave I shall see until the election in April next year (sheesh)…all shore leave officially cancelled as of last week..the campaign ship sets sail. Being the procrastinator I am, I’ve only got down […]

Why I hate Bill Gates right now…

He’s about to make it virtually impossible to send out html newsletters. Half of my working time is spent sending out html newsletters. Up till now they’ve been pretty laborious to create, because Outlook and several other email clients require one to programme in very old style html, using embedded css and tables within tables […]